WHA Halal certificates, that recognized all over the world

Halal certification


What is Halal Certification?

The Halal Certification is a Quality Certification that made in order to certifies the products, whether they are food, chemical, pharmaceutical or cosmetic, comply with the ethical-religious norms of the Islamic Sharia, and are therefore responsive with the Muslim life (final consumer).

Quite the opposite of what many think The the Halal Certification is not only as many think, useful only for exporting products to countries the with Islamic majority, but also it has undoubtedly becomein fact, oday, Halal products are marketable worldwide for all products.

Certification Process

The process to get theis as the following

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    1. Contractual phase

    After the first contact by the Company interested to request a Halal certificate, an important informative document is immediately sent to the company to start the process, this information provides more understanding about our CertificationBody, the process to follow for Halal procedure – and the preparatory questionnaire once completed without any obligation, Which gives us the possibility to make the necessary evaluation in order to send a commercial offer.

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    2. Stage 1 Audit Phase

    Once the contract has been signed and the down payment invoice has been paid, we proceed to the Stage 1 Audit phase, which the Company will be asked for a series of documents concerning the products object to certified and the related production processes. The documentation will be analyzed and the critical issues related to it will be highlighted.

    On the postive results of Stage 1, we will move on to the next phase.

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    3. Stage 2 Audit Phase

    Once the documentary part is completed, two auditors will visit the production site, in order to verify the correct implementation of the Halal quality system.

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    Certificate Issuing

    Upon completion of the on-site audit and obtaining the positive results, the Halal Certificate is issued to the applicant company.

    The timing for obtaining the Certification is modest, thanks to a Certification process with clear and shareable criteria, as well as of an accessible and smooth nature, even for those who are at the first approach to the Halal world


Halal Certification Bodies

A Halal certification body is an organization that certifies the compliance of services or products with specific reference Halal standards. In order to guarantee the homogeneity of conduct and the credibility of the certification, the certification bodies must operate according to the indications of specific standards, however, nowadays hundreds of Halal certification bodies are known of which, most of which do not own the basic requisites required for issuing of a valid and recognized Halal certification.

In order to verify the conduct of the certification bodies, there are controlling bodies that verify that the work and it’s  results in accordance with the Halal standard references, accredits the certification body and supervises it’s work over the time.

The accreditation of the Halal certification bodies is a formal declaration, which attests that the specific certification body is competent to certify Halal products or services, in particular for international exportation. Mutual recognition agreements exist between the various certification bodies and the various accreditation bodies, to ensure the recognition and validity of the certifications issued, generally in different countries, through various accreditations. This is the fundamental reason why a certification body with a large number of accreditations provides guarantees in favor of the value and international character of the Halal Certificate issued by the same.

In conclusion, the reliability of the Halal certification body directly reflects the value of the product and / or service and the legitimacy of the export of the latter around  the world, however this value is not intrinsic but strictly established by the accreditations recognized for the certification body.