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Who we are

World Halal Authority is an international Halal Certification Body, working in supervise and develop the global Halal market, which guarantees, thanks to a multitude of collaborations, recognitions and accreditations, the issuance of a certificate recognized all over the world. Our goal is to bring Italian products all over the world, thus bringing added value to "made in Italy".

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Halal certifications are quality certifications that ensure the compliance of systems, processes, services and products with the requirements set by Halal laws and international Halal standards. Ours is an evaluation activity aimed at issuing the Halal certification which takes place following the assessment of the implementation of the WHA Halal quality system.

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We offer advanced training courses to companies that have undertaken the certification process, and to those simply interested in increasing their knowledge and skills in the Halal field as well as to all operators in the quality sector. The courses differ between collective and individual courses, for companies that request them, as well as generic and sector-specific ones.

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The advisory is one of the WHA activities aimed in particular at companies interested in undertaking the Halal Certification process and those currently being certified. This activity consists of a detailed illustration of the requirements of the Halal standards and schemes against which companies must certify Halal. It is our concern to direct the company towards the most suitable service.

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What distinguishes us

The experience accumulated over the years in the context of Halal Certification of all sectors guarantees maximum competence and professionalism.



The accreditations are important because they give the Halal certificate its international value and guarantee for companies to receive the greater export borders.



WHA as a Halal certification body has years of experience in the Halal sector, which permits to extent necessary to address promptly any type of problem.



WHA guarantees companies a certificate that is valid worldwide. The reliability of our reality is a symptom of safety for companies that rely on us.



We support the company from the first stage of requesting information on certification, without any commitment for the company, as well as throughout the process and in the post-stages of the issuing the certificate.


Are you ready for globalization??

We guarantee the issuance of a Certificate valid all over the world by providing support in the certification and post certification phase.


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Milan, Italy

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